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DaFengHe Electric car advantage
Jun 6, 2016

DaFengHe Electric roadster is a simpler and  easier way to get around the legal street.They cut down on the amount of time and energy that one would spend to complete one round of a certain distance.
DaFengHe Electric roadsters are popular because of their lack of noise and pollutant, strongly able to continue working after a long drive, easy to maintain and they are equipped with aluminum alloy chassis and  frames, powerful electric motors and intelligent controllers. Our cars are widely  used in the tourist resort spots, entertainment sites,parks,gardenlike communities, universities, golf courts, stations, airports, ports, hotels,large enterprises, government organs,   gymnasiums, colleges, hospitals, sanatoriums, etc. These carts are also used to travel around the neighborhood due to their slow speed, as a safety precaution for pedestrians.
The design of DaFenghe’s electric roadster has basically remained the same over the years. However, some improvements have been made to the standard features. For example, the batteries of the electric carts have been improvised, so that they need not be recharged time and again.Modifications such as windshield,brake lights, turn signals, roofs etc, are included in many roadsters that make operating them on the roads safer.
DFH Electric Roadsters are seperated as 5 series.They are elegant in outlook, beautiful.Before, the electric roadsters are out of touch with its name. Now today's electric roadsters will likely never see a golf course, but will end up being a Campground Golf Cart, Apartment Complex Golf Cart, Hunting Golf Cart, Farm Use Golf Cart, Beach Home Golf Cart, Or Just Personal Carrier Golf Cart.